UD Nissan Trucks: Ultimate Dependability

Nissan’s “UD” trademark originally stood for “Uniflow Diesel” and came from the Uniflow Scavenging Diesel engine. It has more recently come to mean “Ultimate Dependability and, of course, the many derivatives including “Uncommonly Dependable,” “Unusually Durable,” and “Undeniably Dedicated.” UD Trucks is a world leader in light-duty and medium-duty commercial trucks. UD Nissan Trucks are well-known for guaranteeing smooth and efficient operations with sensitive freight, as well as a safe delivery and comfortable ride on the most difficult roads. It is this feature that makes the UD most desirable for precious cargo such as medical equipment, although UD Trucks are also notorious for a variety of other applications, such as refrigerated goods, transportation of oil and fuel, refuse/recycling, towing and recovery, and the landscape business. A comfortable ride is vital for driver retention. UD’s award-winning cab styling has what it takes to keep a driver happy. Having the right truck on your job is one of the most important elements of an efficient and productive business. First, determine the payload capacity and method of loading and unloading your cargo. Do you load with a lift truck or from ground level? Do you need side doors, lift gates or other added equipment? If street-level loading, for instance, is necessary, the low-profile UD Truck models are for you, such as a UD1400. If you use heavy pallets of cargo or a loading dock, you may need a UD2300. Busbee’s Truck Parts believes in UD Trucks for the following reasons: Fuel efficiency Reliability Low maintenance Cargo capacity Maneuverability that improves productivity Comfortable, functional cabs Competitive pricing Maintain your UD Truck and it will run just about forever. Loaded with durability from top to bottom and from the inside out, a UD Truck will reward you with unsurpassed reliability and value.


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