Proper Tire Care for Isuzu, Mitsubishi, UD, GMC Medium Duty Trucks: How To Make Your Tires last Longer

Tire inflation and tire wear is important in any Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso or Nissan UD medium-duty box truck.  The proper rotation and inflation of tires will extend the life of your tires.  Tires should be checked monthly for dry rot, for tears and for any kind of cuts in the sidewall.  It’s very important to keep your front tires aired up.  A blow-out can be fatal.

Box trucks, flat-nose, and medium duty trucks usually have six tires.  I like to run all 6 tires that are the same kind.  What that does is it allows you to rotate your tires front and back and inside – the back tires in and out.   You can do this if you run all six the same kind. 

The proper rotation of tires on a box truck if you have all six the same is every 8,000 miles or so.  Take the two outer on the back, rotate those to the front.  Take the two on the front and put them on the inside on the back.  Take the two inner on the back and put them on the outside on the back.  That’s how I’d rotate them.  This is my recommendation for the proper rotation of tires, but it may not be the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Please rotate your tires according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  The manufacturer’s specifications supersedes anything that we recommend.

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In the back, the tires wear in the middle.  In the front, they were on the inside and outside.  If one tire on the front is wearing in a particular place more than the other, you need to check for proper alignment according to manufacturer’s specifications.  Also rotate that tire before it gets too bad.  That’s basically why you rotate them – so they wear evenly.  Different positions in the vehicle causes tires to wear differently.  Increase your tire life by rotating them regularly.

Some people in the Snow Belt will run mud grips on the back and have two steering tires up front.  What happens then is that the front tires wear on the inner and outer edges of the tire, leaving the point.  Your tire will actually be running on a point.  After this, the tire loses life and your steering wheel begins shaking.

It’s also very important to run quality street treaded tires on the front called steering tires.  A quality steering tire is very important.  If you ever had one blow-out, it is very scary.

With all parts of your truck, proper maintenance and care will extend its life.

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