Oil and Fuel Consumption Problems

Oil and Fuel Consumption Problems

The most common reasons for excessive fuel consumption include the driver’s driving habits, driving too fast, high-speed air resistance, and head winds.

Excessive Fuel Consumption:

  • Bad fuel injectors or pump. Injection Pump Failure.
  • Blocked air cleaner assembly.
  • Missing gas tank filler cap.
  • Loose or leaking fuel lines or fittings.
  • Incorrect rear axle ratio. How to find rear axle ratio (video).
  • Excessive clutch slippage.
  • Excessive engine exhaust system back pressure.
  • Dragging brakes or low tire pressures that cause exxcessive rolling resistance.
  • Incorrect valve adjustments.
  • Worn rings, pistons and burned valves causing loss of cylinder compression pressure.

Excessive Oil Consumption:

  • Diluted or bad oil.
  • Incorrect oil viscosity.
  • Worn pistons or piston rings.
  • Excessive crankcase pressure.
  • Excessive valve-to-valve guide clearance or bad valve guide seals.
  • Excessive connecting rod clearance.
  • Internal turbocharger seal leakage.
  • External gasket or seal leakage from crankcase problems.  Inspect oil level, breather and hose whenever a seal or gasket leak occurs.

The Top Two Engine Killers are a lack of oil and a lack of coolant.  Read more here.

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