Mitsubishi Fuso FE Model is One of the Best in the Business

The Mitsubishi Fuso company likes to say their Mitsubishi Fuso FE Model is “the most forward-thinking medium duty commercial truck ever.”  If you’ve looked around our site very much, you know Busbee’s Truck Parts is pretty fond of the FE, too; in fact, we started out with a little Mitsubishi Fuso FE Rollback. 

The top reasons for the FE model’s popularity:

  • Maneuverability
  • Reliability
  • Fuel Economy
  • Safety
  • Driver Comfort
  • Cab Conveniences

Busbee’s likes the Mitsubishi Fuso FE for the ladder-style frame which makes body mounting easier.  And of course, we love the easy maneuverability.  The FE is particularly useful for specific needs.  The tight-turning radius of the FE180 is a dream come true.  The load durability is great for multiple deliveries, the truck can handle a full load.  The automatic transmission has a smooth ride, making fragile deliveries possible.  Mitsubishi Fuso FE models are reliable.  You schedule your maintenance, keep it current and the FE won’t leave you stranded.

The Mitsubishi Fuso FE cab is made with the driver in mind.  It’s roomier than most, has a dash-mounted shifter, the steering wheel tilts and telescopes and the driver’s seat offers more adjustment than most models.  Entry/Exit is roomier and safer with swing-forward door hinges and covered, graded steps.  Safety is also increased with the Halogen headlamps and aerodynamic side mirrors, providing more visibility.  For the long haul driver, the convenience features are sweet — fold down workstation,added storage for receipts, maps, coins, cell phones, ipods, pictures of your family …. you get the idea.

The medium-duty FE is available in three GVWRs — FE125 (12,500 lb), FE145 (14,500lb) and FE180 (17,995 lb).  Busbee’s Truck Parts usually has a few used FE145s and FE180s around, as well as several that we can use for parts.  If you’re looking for parts for an FE145, give us a call and we can search around for you. 


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