Lack of Power

Lack of Power

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Mechanical Issues:

  • Incorrect valve adjustment or timing.
  • Weak valve springs.
  • Burned or sticking valves.
  • Poor cylinder compression pressures.
  • Engine brake exhaust valve stuck in closed position.
  • Worn camshaft lobe.
  • Intake manifold air leakage.
  • Air leak at turbocharger turbine housing.
  • Blocked air cleaner assembly.
  • Blocked engine exhaust system.

Fuel System Issues:

  • Bad fuel or no fuel.
  • Bad fuel transfer pump.
  • Blocked fuel lines.
  • Incorrect fuel injection pump timing.
  • Bad fuel injectors or pump or pump relief valve. Injection Pump Failure.
  • Bad or incorrectly adjusted accelerator cable.
  • Dirty air cleaner.

Other Issues for Poor Performance:

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