How to Check the Transmission Fluid in a Mitsubishi Fuso Mid-Range Imported Truck

Checking and changing the transmission fluid is essential for truck longevity and will extend the life of your engine. Learn how to change transmission fluid in your Mitsubishi Fuso mid range imported truck in the video below. 


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Today we’re gonna talk about checking your transmission fluid. One of the ways you can extend the life of your transmission is by checking the fluid regularly, and knowing what to look for, and knowing when to change your fluid. You do that by cranking up your engine and having your truck warm, at least 5 to 10 minutes, in park.

We’re gonna flip the cab up, I’m gonna crank it up and we’re gonna flip the cab up.

The Isuzu and Mitsubishi both work the same way. You can rais the cab by pulling the three safety handles and raise it up. [Watch the video to see which handle to pull and in what order to lift the cab].

Also,it’s very important to make sure the safety lock is latch by putting the pin through it, to keep the cab from collapsing on you.

The dipstick for the transmission, is usually located at the very rear part of the engine. Sometimes it can be confused with the engine oil, but if you look at the tube and follow it, it turns and goes back towards the transmission. The oil filter tube is up in the middle of the engine.

Pull the dipstick all the way out. What you want to look for is a red color at the end of the dipstick. This one is actually low in fluid, so we’re gonna add fluid today.

You can add fluid through the dipstick tube with a good, clean, small tip funnel. It’s also very important to put a good grade of transmission fluid in it, and to know your manufacturer’s specifications. They can be found in your owner’s manual. This truck calls for Dextron V or Mercon V.

We’re gonna put the funnel in the tube where the dipstick came out of. Then make sure your dipstick is clean, and insert it back in and make sure the fluid is back up in the “Cold” range.

This fluid is looking brown, which is an indication that it needs to be changed. You can have a service manager or good mechanic change the fluid, what that would entail would be dropping the pan, and change the filter, along with a good grade of tranmission fluid.

But you can extend the life of your Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan UD, and GMC transmission by checking your fluid regularly. Keep in mind that it’s usually around a 25,000 interval that it needs changing.

By following these tips, you are less likely to have problems this fall and you will be more prepared for winter.

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