Engine Will Not Start

Engine Will Not Start

Most Common Reasons Why Engine Will Not Start:

  • Corroded battery terminals.
  • Dead or weak battery.
  • Bad solenoid or starter motor.
  • Bad wiring or engine control switch.
  • Internal engine problems.
  • Liquid in combustion chambers.

Engine Won’t Start But Does Crank Slowly:

  • Corroded battery terminals.
  • Incorrect size battery cables.
  • Dead or weak battery.
  • Bad starter motor.
  • Oil viscosity too heavy.
  • Internal engine problems (including pistons, tight crankshaft or connecting rod bearing)

Engine Won’t Start But Does Crank Normally:

  • You’re out of gas.
  • Your engine stopper is bad.
  • Restricted air filter or air inlet tube.
  • Restricted fuel injectors or fuel lines.
  • Blown engine stop fuse.
  • Low or no voltage to glow plugs.
  • No cylinder compression – stuck valves or broken pistons.

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