Engine Light Came On?

People often call in with questions about a transmission light or engine light that has come on.  They’ll want to replace a part thinking that’s the problem, but often it’s not the problem and they spend a lot of time and money trying to self-diagnose.

We recommend you go to the dealership if your engine light comes on.  Go spend the money to hook up to their computer and get an accurate diagnosis, then call us to purchase the correct part.  That $100 is well spent, otherwise you can spend thousands and still not fix the problem.  We highly recommend it.

One reason you should go back to the dealership is that none of the independents have the correct computer diagnosing equipment.  Very little is available on the Mitsubishi, Nissan and UD mid range trucks other than going to the dealership.  The dealership can accurately diagnose the problem.  It can be something as small as the sensor or an ECM on board the truck, but usually when you get the diagnosis from the dealership, it’s correct.

We can still supply the used parts and all our parts come with 90-day warranties.  We have extended our inventories and want to help you combat the rising price of imported trucks. 

Go to www.YouTube.com/BusbeeTruckParts to view our helpful videos.


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