AC Compressors for Isuzu, NPR, NQR, GM W Series, Summerize your Trucks

Summer is approaching and we now have new AC compressors available for ’99 – ’02 NPRs and GM’s W Series, W3500, W4500 and W5500 with 4he1 engines.  We have used compressors available for all makes and models of Isuzu Trucks.

One thing we want to emphasize is that when you change a compressor, it is very important to change the dryer which is the filter for your AC system, and vacuum down the system to reduce moisture.  Without changing the dryer, it leaves a lot of contaminants and moisture in the AC system and can cause premature compressor failure.  The dryer is a cylinder  shape about the size of a can of Raid bug spray and can be purchased for about $25 – $35 at your local Isuzu dealer. 

We also have available used compressors, condensors, AC lines and evaporator cores for all makes and models of Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, and UD trucks. 

After you’ve changed the compressor and the dryer, you will need to recharge the system.  It’s also very important when you recharge the system to use some compressor lubricant oil which is compatible with the freon that is used in your system — whether it is R134 or R12.

Busbee’s Truck Parts has a wide selection of used Isuzu truck parts that incorporate the Isuzu 4he1 engine.  We offer body and mechanical parts for UD Nissan diesel trucks and engines, used Isuzu trucks, Isuzu NPR and Isuzu NQR, as well as GMC W3500, W4500 and W5500 trucks and parts, and Mitsubishi Fuso trucks FE, FH, FK and FM models.  For all your commercial Isuzu truck parts needs, call on Busbee’s Truck Parts.


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